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What Is Copywriting And Why Do You Need To Know About It?

Copywriting has become one of those coveted skills in the freelancing industry of Pakistan that has recently been on the rise. With the emergence of greater opportunities for work-from-home jobs, the need for learning in-demand skills like SEO, Excel and Copywriting has become a necessity for sustenance.


So, what really is “Copywriting”?


Any form of content writing that has to do with advertisement or description of a product or service in order to boost its sales is what we call Copywriting. It requires great command of language and creativity to successfully coax the target audience into becoming potential customers. Its purpose is to sell the product/service to the customer without directly asking them to buy it – to show rather than tell why it’s worth their money.

Now you might wonder how it is different from any other form of writing. Well, copywriting requires you to create interesting content that is composed of short, clear and catchy sentences, headers and subheaders. This is because in this fast-paced digital era, the patience to read longer and more complex texts has dropped down significantly. People no longer want to engage in content that requires more than five minutes of their attention span. They want writing to be quick and snappy in order to be invested in the product, and that’s where copywriting sets itself apart from other forms of writing. In a nutshell, copywriting’s sole purpose is to sell the brand (be it signing up for a newsletter or a streaming service) whereas, content writing is motivated by its need to educate, inform and entertain the reader.

Why do you need to learn more about copywriting?

copywrite freelancer

Copywriting is not just a skill that is becoming increasingly in demand in the Freelancing Industry, but it is a skill that can help you excel in multiple arenas of your life.

Keeping aside its value in the freelance industry of Pakistan, here are our top picks on how copywriting can help you pitch yourself more effectively on an individual level.

1.  CV/ Résumé Writing

We all know how CVs and résumés are used as screening tools to determine how well a candidate fits the job description. It’s a way for the employees to showcase their skills, qualification, and achievements in a summarized manner. However, in order for their résumés to be convincing enough, their pitch or the way they summarize their profile has to be a standout. This is where the skill of copywriting comes in handy. Good copywriting skill can help create an impact on the employer, even if you have a limited work experience in the required area.

By using exact and concise words to present a condensed version of your profile, you can master the art of CV writing.

2.  Writing Cover Letters

Similar to CV writing, Cover letters help build a person’s portfolio further. Designed specifically to target the job you are applying for, cover letters highlight your achievements and give a deeper insight about your goals and aspirations to the reader. Therefore, tips and tricks used in copywriting can help you create and format a cover letter that is not only to the point, but also engaging enough to separate you from the herd.

3.  Social Media Campaigns/ Blogs 

If you are someone looking to expand the reach of your Instagram blog, learning the skill of copywriting is just the thing for you. With the help of copywriting, you can create captions that can sell your brand/blog to a wider audience. Using the right hashtags and keywords that fits perfectly for the ideal Instagram algorithm is something you can learn through copywriting skills.

4.  Work Emails 

Another crucial step in solidifying your professional career is being able to write effective work emails. Often, we come across some emails written in monotonous language with lack of individuality; they beat around the bush and convey a simple message in a much more complicated style. With the help of copywriting, one can not only correct the errors they have become accustomed to making, but also use work emails as a way to showcase their skillful communication.

Effective copywriting is a way for the writer to create a strong brand image, but also to create a strong portfolio. Whether your target audience is your potential employer or a loyal customer base, the skill of copywriting can assist you in hitting your target audience successfully.

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