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Hot 5 E-Waste Businesses That Are Changing the World

Hot 5 E-Waste Businesses That Are Changing the World

According to the annual Global E-waste monitor, the world generated about 53.6 million metric tons (Mt) of e-waste. Of this only 17,4% is listed as recycled. This isn’t surprising considering the rate at which technology is improving and how popular devices are for most households and companies.

Our need to own the latest and most advanced electronic devices means a great deal of old, outdated electronics end up in the world’s landfills. Fortunately, several companies have taken it upon themselves to successfully recycle used laptops to eliminate the growing e-waste crisis.


What Exactly is E-waste and Why is it a Problem?

E-waste is defined as any electronic or electrical waste that’s reached its end-of-life and gets discarded. Old discarded electronics that end up in the many landfills across the world aren’t biodegradable.

Most electronic components contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead and cadmium which all pose severe environmental risks to our water, air, soil and wildlife. When e-waste is buried in landfills, these toxins pool and seep into the ground. This process is known as leaching.

Leaching poisons any nearby water sources causing the area’s wildlife to become sick and die from metal poisoning. For this reason, many companies have taken up the challenge to find environmentally friendly solutions to rid the world of e-waste.


5 E-Waste Businesses to Take Note Of

The importance of electronics recycling businesses is becoming progressively more significant as the amounts of e-waste are continuously increasing. Let’s discuss five of the top e-waste businesses that are considerably changing the way old electronic devices are disposed of.

Cash for Used Laptop is an online e-waste recycling company. They offer fast cash for recycling all used laptops. Laptops are shipped for free and once received payment is made within four hours via Check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Cashapp.

This innovative company’s vision is to encourage people to “recycle, revive and reuse” laptops and computers. By giving your old laptop a new life, they’re not only reducing your carbon footprint but making your laptop accessible for someone else to use.

Elecronic Recyclers International (ERI)

The largest electronics recycler in America is ERI, easily recycling an average of 250 million pounds of e-waste annually. Since they specialize in the socially responsible dismantling of all types of electronic waste, they were the first e-waste company to receive the e-Stewards certification as well as the coveted R2. These two certifications are the highest honors in the e-waste industry.

ERI guarantees that all e-waste products are recycled into three key wares: Glass, metals and plastic. Not only do they guarantee that no electronic products are sent to any landfills, but none of their components are illegally exported anywhere in the world. All dismantling and recycling processes are done in the U.S.

Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS)

SLS is currently labeled as the world leader in cloud infrastructure reuse. They also offer extensive e-waste recycling solutions and IT asset disposition options for businesses.

This thriving e-waste recycling company has been disposing of used electronics for 20 years and is an industry specialist when it comes to helping businesses get rid of their e-waste services. Services they offer include:

  • – Bulk hard drive destruction
  • – Decommissioning blades and servers
  • – Repurposing all types of data center equipment


With an impressive 50 years of global experience in waste recovery, Tetronics offers waste management solutions to metal refining, oil and gas, chemical, nuclear and especially e-waste.
Known for its plasma recovery technology in the e-waste sector, Tetronics offers viable solutions for recovering the metals and components from electronic waste.

As an international brand, this renowned company extends its geographic presence across Asia, Europe and North America.

Global Electric Electronic Processing (Geep)

This Canadian company was founded in 1985 and is a global leader in complete end-of-life electronics recycling. With branches throughout the U.S., they specialize in Electronic Asset Disposition across a variety of industries.

Fundamentally, this means they offer extensive solutions to the recycling and reusing of electronic equipment. One of the best ways of dealing with e-waste is by recycling and refurbishing. These refurbished units can then be sold or donated to various charities for distribution to underprivileged students. Geep also offers solutions to the final electronic waste process.


Disposing of e-waste remains a continuous challenge. With ever-changing technology and the almost daily release of new devices, the problem of e-waste isn’t going away anytime soon.

Reputable e-waste companies are doing their best to develop environmentally friendly solutions to keep our old electronics out of landfills. By recycling and refurbishing these items to be reused companies have discovered one of the more effective ways to deal with the e-waste crisis. As individuals, we can do our part by giving our electronic waste to these brands, rather than throwing them in the garbage.

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